Coworking Fuorisalone Ventura Lambrate

Free Cowo + WiFi in Milano, 17 – 22 aprile 2012

The free Wi-Fi provided to the Cowo Fuorisalone community @ Ventura Lambrate: the numbers.

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Thanks to our Wi-Fi partners SimpleSpot (see our video-interview, in Italian, to one of the founders, who visited us on the first day of Fuorisalone) we were able to offer a free, fast and reliable connection to the Internet to all the guests who stepped in our coworking place in the Lambretto premises.

As a matter of fact, the Wi-Fi aspect of our initiative was definitely the most appreciated, leaving behind the use of desks (consider, in this respect, that many visitors would navigate and check mail directly on their smart phones, while sitting on a chair, or walking around).

SimpleSpot’s Martino Massalini just gave us the numbers of the connections made:

126 logins have been made during the 5 days by 32 users, who have overall viewed more than 7,000 pages.

Besides these figures, we would like to stress the fact that all connections went very smoothly, above expectations (for instance, no one of us would have believed that the signal would reach the nearby area of the camping… well, it did!), and that the fact that most users had non-Italian phones was no problem at all, thanks to perfect international standard of the SimpleSpot platform.

For these reasons, the Fuorisalone experience has been an excellent test for the platform recently developed by these Pesaro guys… well done SimpleSpot! :-)


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  1. […] to be involved with this big VenturaLambrate adventure, and Cowo will try hard to keep the good up the work we did in 2011, giving Wi-Fi coverage to our locations in the area (Cowo Milano/Lambrate and Cowo Lambretto […]


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